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New weapons, equipment and units

A new major release of our BAF Equipment, BAF Weapons and BAF Units sees a number of new weapons (including the 60mm mortar), uniforms (including DPM, DDPM and Arctic) and ALIVE compatible groups and factions


3CB BAF Vehicles


Release 5.0

The Merlin is here!!

Plus updates to the Apache, Wildcat, Jackal and Coyote.

Full details here

3CB BAF Equipment

Version 1.1 (05/12/2015)

  • Fixed insignia on uniform sleeves
  • Fixed bullet penetration and armour values on headgear
  • Fixed bullet penetration and armour values on vests
  • Fixed accuracy and sight issues on the L16 Mortar
  • Fixed inheritance issues with NVG
  • Cleaned-up BAF faction names
  • Improved vest base texture
  • Added three berets (Royal Anglian, Royal Engineers and Mercian)