These mods are receiving the majority of our development effort.  They are listed according to our current intended release schedule, however this may be subject to change.

Dates are intentionally not provided, so as not to disappoint.

Each release will also include bug fixes and improvements to existing content.

BAF Equipment

  • New custom made British uniform model

BAF Units

BAF Vehicles

  • MAN Trucks
  • Scimitar
  • Wildcat weapon pylons

BAF Weapons

  • Starstreak
  • Sterling SMG

3CB Factions

A vast pack of Blufor, Opfor, Independent and Civilian units with appropriate equipment, weapons and vehicles, intended predominantly for AI usage. Includes:

  • Afghan National Army, Police
  • Takistan Civilians, National Army, Pro-Government Militia, Police, Insurgents, Tribal Fighters