3CB BAF Equipment

Equipment of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.



The modern Royal Marines Commando or British Army soldier carries a lot of kit in addition to his weapon. This mod aims to recreate some of that equipment.

In current MTP camo, we provide updated combat uniforms, Mk4 vests, ‘Bergen’ backpacks, Mk7 helmets, berets and tactical glasses. A huge variety of options enables each player to give their character a unique look on the battlefield, whether it be as an Officer, Forward Air Controller, Medic, Sapper, Signaller, Engineer, Point Man, Grenadier, Marksman, Machine Gunner or just plain Rifleman!

We’ve now expanded the range of combat uniform camouflage patterns to include DPM Woodland, DDPM (desert), DPM Temperate and Arctic.  Along with these come accompanying sets of new Mk 2 vests, webbing, Mk 6 helmets and backpacks.

We haven’t forgotten support forces either, with new uniforms, vests and helmets for RAF / RN pilots and tank crews.

Produced primarily for our own use, there is a distinct “Royal Marines” flavour, but we are also providing generic uniforms and specialist berets representing other British armed forces Regiments for the wider ArmA community to enjoy.

Check the Contents section below for all the details of exactly what is in the pack.

Many of the models used were ported from ArmA 2 and have been modified further by our team. We have also been fortunate to have formed close ties with many developers from outside of 3CB who have been kind enough to donate their work to us for adaptation and inclusion in this mod pack. We are very grateful to them, thank-you all (see Credits section).

Special Features

  • helmets can be slung onto the Bergen when not in action while carrying a beret in the backpack (@Ace3 self-interaction > equipment > Sling/Don Helmet)
  • certain Bergen backpacks (‘JTAC/FAC’, ‘Radio’, ‘SL’) include an in-built long range radio, if the @task_force_radio mod is enabled
  • the L128 shotgun on the back of the point man backpack is only visible if a L128 is present inside the backpack
  • the Vallon mine detector on the back of the sapper backpack is only visible if a detector is present inside the backpack or in the pistol slot.  This is compatible with both the @ACE and @EODS detectors
  • backpacks can be dropped as you go into combat and easily re-claimed using a new backpack retrieval feature we’ve built into the ACE interaction menu.



User guide

Change Log and Known Issues

Class names


License and disclaimer

BIS discussion forum




3 Commando Brigade members:-

  • Principle Developers: Apollo, Arka, Evrik, Lifetap, Trixie
  • Support: Alexander, Andy, Deltagamer, Gav, Goodson, Mike, Nemiuk, Nick Seafort, Nulljaeger, Serjames
  • Project Management: Lifetap

Very special thanks go to our external content providers for allowing us to modify their work for this pack:-

  • 16AA: Osprey vest modifications and consultation
  • Bravo93: MTP XL Bergen texture
  • Gary Childress: Wool Commando Hat
  • MrEwok (based on model and texture by monovdd and juan lezama): Mine detector. Additionally Burnes15th who now maintains EODS mod for correct UK Vallon head.
  • Nkey: TFAR aerials for backpacks
  • PuFu: Original Gorka model, mesh, weights, normal maps
  • Redders: Consultation on equipment
  • Reyhard: Configuration source ideas
  • Rusty: Original camo pattern sections
  • Sabre: Original Gorka texture .co and .smdi
  • Stalker: Osprey vests, Mk7 Helmets, HMNVS model, plus Bowman antenna
  • Steel: Berets
  • Zabb: Base holster and leg straps model, plus weighting assistance