Change Log and Known Issues

Version 2.8 (6/1/2022)

  • Improved radios on Mk3 Ospreys
  • Adjusted MTP backpack and vest capacities
  • Added rebreathers
  • Added Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment beret
  • Added ACE G-force coefficient to pilots

Version 2.6 (5/11/2018)

  • Revised armour values to be inline with RHS using the 4 level NIJ system

Version 2.5 (17/9/2018)

  • Fixed: requiredVersion non-array
  • Fixed: NVGs to use ACE mono setting
  • Fixed: ‘Blue’ texture issue on some glass / transparant surfaces
  • Fixed: Helmet_MK7_Camo_ESS_K Kneepads LODs 2 and 3
  • Removed: Magazine [] from CfgPatches as not a valid entry
  • Updated: Increased HMNVS radius of focal area

Version 2.2 (16/9/2017)

  • Added hidden texture selections to all vests
  • Added missing .rvmat to helmet ghillie02 textures
  • Added UK MTP XL Bergen
  • Fixed helmet binlog errors
  • Fixed helmet non-100% sum of weights errors
  • Fixed helmet non-closed Shadow LOD objects
  • Fixed helmet .p3d build errors
  • Fixed mod dependency issue
  • Fixed plate carrier ownership issue
  • Removed helmet non-active UV sets
  • Updated radio backpacks to be compatible with TFAR v1.0

Version 2.1

  • Added 7 additional Guard berets
  • Added JTAC bergen for all camouflage patterns
  • Fixed missing faces on helmet strap models
  • Fixed logo incorrectly displaying in VA and Eden
  • Fixed white textures at distance on old MK2 Vests and MK6 Helmets when viewed at distance
  • Fixed fog rvmat issue
  • Fixed inventory capacity on Smock to match uniforms

Version 2.0.2

  • Fixed brightness of MTP T-shirt
  • Fixed texture issues with slung helmets
  • Fixed missing don/sling helmet commands
  • Fixed vest ballistics
  • Fixed LOD issue on hi-viz jacket
  • Fixed helmet weights
  • Fixed texture issues on Boonie
  • Fixed legacy class names
  • Fixed shading on some berets
  • Fixed position of commando wool hat
  • Added Welsh beret

Version 2

  • Added @ace3 hearing protection to Ear Defenders, Radio Headsets, and Crew Helmets
  • Added @ace3 keybinds for sling/don helmet and drop/pick-up backpack, and to swap to a tertiary weapon (attached to backpack)
  • Added @ace3 self-interaction action option to drop and recover your personal backpack. Dropped backpacks include limited ballistic geometry (can provide some protection from incoming small arms fire).
  • Added @acre optional module to better support ACRE radio backpacks
  • Added Arctic, Desert, Temperate and Woodland uniforms and gear
  • Added Arctic, Desert, MTP, Temperate and Woodland smocks, including mixed-camo smock/trouser variants
  • Added Arctic, Desert, MTP, Temperate and Woodand versions of vanilla kitbags and carry-alls
  • Added Arctic sniper gear
  • Added Desert, Temperate and Woodland flight vests
  • Added ear defenders
  • Added hidden texture selections to all backpacks
  • Added high-visibility uniform, vest and helmet
  • Added display of the detector on Sapper backpacks only if a detector is in inventory
  • Added Osprey Mk 2 vests, including hidden texture selections
  • Added PLCE webbing for all camouflage variants of smock, plus olive
  • Added radio headsets over berets
  • Added berets for: RAF, Rifles, Royal Artillery, Scottish Regiment, Signals, Yorkshire Regiment, UN
  • Added thigh holsters for pistols, with pistol proxy to display pistol correctly
  • Added updated visual system for Pointmen: when swapping to the L128 tertiary weapon the L128 affixed to the backpack is removed, and reattached when replaced
  • Added Virtual Arsenal icons for some uniform pieces
  • Added woollen Commando hat
  • Fixed wounds on RTR uniform
  • Updated: appearance of radio backpacks
  • Updated: improved fit and appearance of Mk6 helmets
  • Updated: moved static weapons to the BAF Weapons pack
  • Updated: Osprey Mk 4 vests, included adding hidden texture selections
  • Updated: replaced US mine detector on backpack with a UK Vallon
  • Updated: TFAR FAC backpack now uses the AN/ARC210 radio
  • Updated: uniform textures, wear and dust/dirt added
  • Updated: various graphical improvements

Version 1.1 (05/12/2015)

  • Fixed insignia on uniform sleeves
  • Fixed bullet penetration and armour values on headgear
  • Fixed bullet penetration and armour values on vests
  • Fixed accuracy and sight issues on the L16 Mortar
  • Fixed inheritance issues with NVG
  • Cleaned-up BAF faction names
  • Improved vest base texture
  • Added three berets (Royal Anglian, Royal Engineers and Mercian)

Version 1.0 (02/07/2015)

  • Public release

Known Issues

  • There is no injury texture on T-Shirt
  • The “Royal Marines” shoulder flash has reversed writing on one arm.
  • Vests (e.g. the Mk4 Osprey) will not fit over the Smocks without clipping. Please use the Webbing instead. Armour is simulated as if the vests would be worn beneath.