User guide


If you are using the communications mod ACRE (@acre2) rather than TFAR (@task_force_radio) move the optional pbo “uk3cb_baf_equipment_acre.pbo” to the addons folder.  This disables the current TFAR backpack weight penalty. You can now add ACRE radios to your backpacks in the Arsenal or using a script.

During game play

  • Helmets can be slung onto the Bergen when not in action while carrying a beret in the backpack (@ace3 self-interaction > equipment > Sling/Don Helmet or with a key bind).
  • Backpacks can be dropped on the ground and retrieved at a later date.  The system remembers your backpack.   (@ace3 self-interaction > equipment > Drop/Pickup Pack or with a key bind).  Once on the ground the backpack also offers limited protection.  This is a useful feature if your section wants to shed unnecessary weight prior to an assault.  The pickup feature will always pick up the player’s original backpack even from a large pile of backpacks. To avoid dropped backpacks being removed by your garbage collector, you may need to add “UK3CB_BAF_BackpackHolder” to the exclusion list.
  • Certain Bergen backpacks (‘JTAC/FAC’, ‘Radio’, ‘SL’) include an in-built long range radio (RT-1523G), if the @task_force_radio mod is enabled
  • A weapon in the backpack can now be swapped (with a time penalty) with the primary weapon via a custom key bind (“4” by default)
  • the SOFLAM requires a battery for laser marking (class name “Laserbatteries”)

Eden Objects (Zeus Units)


  • Objects (Units) > Blufor > BAF-3CB (MTP Army) > Men
  • Objects (Units) > Blufor > BAF-3CB (MTP RAF) > Men
  • Objects (Units) > Blufor > BAF-3CB (MTP Navy) > Men / Men (Sniper)

All equipment is available to players via scripting or with the Virtual Arsenal.