3CB BAF Units

Units representing British Army Soldiers, Royal Marine Commandos and Support Elements in Arctic, Desert (DDPM), MTP, Temperate (DPM), Tropical (DPM) and Woodland (DPM) camouflage patterns.



With a large number of units and a multitude of pre-built infantry Groups to choose from, it is easy to create whole Company sized formations for your missions. Not only that, every Troop or Platoon will look unique, thanks to an automatic randomisation routine which equips each infantryman in gear suitable to his role from the wide choice of kit available.

This mod now fully utilises our 3CB BAF Equipment and BAF Weapons packs allowing the representation of  7 unique theatres / era’s:

  • Arctic: Winter camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
  • Desert: DDPM camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
  • MTP: MTP camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
  • Temperate: DPM Temperate camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
  • Tropical:  DPM Woodland camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights
  • Woodland: DPM Woodland camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights
  • Woodland (Cold War): DPM Woodland camo and period weapons

Each theme is divided into 3 factions: Army, Navy and Air Force, giving a total of 18 factions.

As the Royal Marines are the Royal Navy’s amphibious troops, they are categorised under “Navy”.

If the @ace3 mod is detected then load-outs are automatically reconfigured to use additional Ace items, including medical supplies, earplugs, map tools and other specialised pieces of equipment. So although @ace3 is not required to run, these units are fully compatible with it. Ammo and medical supplies are distributed between vest and backpack to allow the backpack to be dropped and the unit to remain combat effect. (see the Equipment Mod pack for details of this extended feature)

Although we at ‘3CB’ are a milsim Royal Marines Commando group, we have also provided the full range of units in generic ‘Army’ too (without Royal Marine markings) for our friends in the ArmA community to enjoy.

For the MTP faction only, units are available with Bergens (backpacks) to suit the deployment type – take the light Bergens on short “Day Patrols”, or for longer yomps over multiple days, select the “Overnight” option with the heavy Bergens, which include the full kit of bedrolls, sleeping mats, entrenching tools etc.

Preconfigured Groups are provided to assist mission makers with placing realistic infantry Sections on the battlefield. They come in several different configurations, representing the variety of weaponry available in the mod pack, and reflecting the often customised nature of gear found on Operations.

  • Anti-Tank Section of 6 men, equipped with 4 Javelin anti-tank systems
  • The Fire Support Group (FSG) provide heavy firepower from longer range and are intended to be used dismounted from vehicles which carry their static weapons or ammunition stores of choice
  • Fire Teams A, B and C consist of 4 men each
  • The Fire Support Team (FST) of 3 is responsible for directing artillery fire and close air support onto enemy positions
  • HQ Section represents the Troop (Platoon) or Company command element, being composed of Officers, Signaller, JTAC/FAC and a Mortar Gunner
  • The Manoeuvre Support Section (MSS) are armed with heavier weaponry, moving to engage the enemy in support of the close combat Sections
  • The MMG Section employs GPMG’s to provide base of fire support
  • Sections A, B and C are close combat infantry Sections of 8 men
  • Sentries consist of 2 units ready for guard duty or light patrols
  • Weapon Crews consist of 3 men with gear suitable for manning armed vehicles
  • The Recce / Brigade Patrol Troop (BPT) of 6 are employed in a reconnaissance role, ahead of the main force collecting information on the enemy
  • Sniper Sections provide long range recce and covert target elimination

An Editor module (‘3CB BAF Unit Configuration’) is provided for mission designers, allowing control of certain aspects of the equipment, such as whether gear randomisation is applied, what happens to gear on respawn, whether NVG’s, GPS or Fragmentation Grenades are available.


  • Automatic randomisation of uniforms, helmets, vests, backpacks and face wear within roles to make each Trooper look slightly different (can be disabled using the Module)
  • Automatic detection of the @ace3 and @ctab mods with addition of appropriate equipment
  • An Eden Editor module to allow mission designers control over automation of gear load-outs



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3 Commando Brigade members:

  • Principle Developers: Apollo, Nemiuk, Lifetap, MyCatSaid
  • Support: Alexander, Andy, Evrik, Goodson, Nulljaeger, Serjames
  • Project Management: Lifetap