Change Log and Known Issues

Version 4.15 (5/1/2022)

  • Added new pylon variants of the Reaper (generic), Apache (generic), and Wildcat (armed and generic) to Arctic, Desert, MTP, Temperate, Tropical, and Woodland
  • Added new pylon variants of the Wildcat (armed and generic) to Woodland(CW)
  • Fixed bug in units module where removing GPS also removed NVGs
  • Added L3A1 to loadouts
  • Adjusted all loadouts
  • Added cargo versions of Chinook and Hercules

Version 4.10 (16/12/2019)

  • Added Husky TSV to Factions
  • Added RAF MQ-9a Reaper Drone to Factions
  • Added Warrior to Factions
  • Added separated MFC and FAC loadouts
  • Added Jackal (with curved roll bar) to MTP Army and RM Units
  • Added pistol mags to section supplies
  • Added flashbangs to supplies
  • Added new L85a2 RIS system to units
  • Fixed a bug in the unit eden customizable loadouts, when the unit has no backpack
  • Fixed glasses randomization bug
  • Fixed empty container bug
  • Removed non-ACE crates when ACE crates are present

Version 4.9 (17/1/2019)

  • Added MAN Trucks to factions
  • Added preloaded containers
  • Fixed dismounting AI from Panama

Version 4.7 (5/11/2018)

  • Added: Panther CLV to units
  • Added: Panama ROV to units

Version 4.5 (17/9/2018)

  • Added: Additional white smoke in section supply crate
  • Added: Cold War period units
  • Added: Default backpacks appear on units in Eden Editor
  • Added: Ability to customize loadouts in Eden Editor
  • Added: FV432 Bulldog to Units and Mechanised Infantry Groups
  • Added: Kestrel to MFC loadout
  • Added: L9A1 pistol to Cold War units – replacing Glock
  • Added: Missing RM Crewman to list of units
  • Added: Pistol randomization (L131a1 Glock / L105 Sig Sauer) to modern units
  • Added: Option in BAF_unit_Module to replace webbing with hidden plate alternative
  • Added: Reskinned Optional RHS Chinook and C130 Hercules to Unit lists
  • Added: Surgical kit to medical crate.
  • Added: RHIB to units
  • Fixed: Army Coyote and Jackal group class names
  • Fixed: BAF voices overwriting other mods
  • Fixed: HMNVS appearing in Binocular slot
  • Fixed: MFC loadout
  • Fixed: Non-spawning shemags
  • Fixed: Numerous script errors

Version 4.2 (16/9/2017)

  • Added HM2, HC3 Cargo, and HC4 Merlin variants to each camouflage faction type
  • Added new L129a1 to appropriate units
  • Added rangefinder to FTL / M6 Gunner / BPT Point man for all appropriate camouflage faction types
  • Added WMIK GPMG variants to each camouflage faction type
  • Fixed binlog errors
  • Fixed mod dependancy issue
  • Removed adensine injector from standard infantry loadout
  • Replaced one non-tracer magazine for a tracer magazine in standard infantry loadout
  • Updated group descriptions to show different models of Merlin helicopter
  • Updated group descriptions to show different models of WMIKs
  • Updated various loadouts to correct equipment based on time period of camouflage factions

 Version 4.1

  • Added @ace3 microDAGR to pilot loadout
  • Added JTAC bergen to all sniper and spotter units
  • Added @ace3 Range Card to BPT and Recce L129 Marksman units
  • Added L110 unit to all BPT and Recce camouflages
  • Added night gear crate
  • Added Land Rover motorised groups
  • Fixed bug in Eden UK3CB Loadout module ‘Remove NVGs’
  • Fixed logo incorrectly displaying in VA and Eden
  • Fixed Army Ghillie for all camouflages
  • Fixed incorrect 7.62mm magazines in inventory of Marksman armed with L86
  • Replaced Loadout script completion callback with more reliable flag
  • Replaced @ace3 red map light with white map light
  • Replaced smoke and flares for UGL / Mortar units with 3CB versions
  • Replaced L22 with L22a2 for older camouflage units (DDPM & DPM)
  • Replaced BPT and Recce Pointman with BPT and Recce L110 unit

Version 4.0.1

  • Fixed init module error
  • Fixed BPT/Recce group names

Version 4.0

  • added prerequisite of @3cb_baf_vehicles
  • added Arctic units & compositions
  • added Desert units & compositions
  • added Temperate units & compositions
  • added Tropical units & compositions
  • added Woodland units & compositions
  • added Assistant AT Javelin unit
  • added Assistant GPMG No2 unit
  • added BPT units (Medic, Explosives, FAC, Marksman, Point Man, Team Leader)
  • added Fire Team Leader 7.62 belt unit
  • added Grenadier 7.62 belt unit
  • added Gunner Mortar 60mm unit
  • added Mortar Fire Controller unit
  • added Recce units (Medic, Explosives, FAC, Marksman, Point Man, Team Leader)
  • added Rifleman AT ILAW 7.62 belt unit
  • added Rifleman AT NLAW 7.62 belt unit
  • added Anti-Tank Section
  • added Fire Support Group
  • added Fire Support Team
  • added MMG Section
  • added Weapon Crew
  • added manned Merlin and Wildcats
  • added manned Jackal and Coyotes
  • added manned Turrets (static weapons) in all factions
  • all factions separately configured for use with @alive, including air assets
  • improved spawning mechanism
  • tweaked unit loadouts
  • adjusted @ace3 unit loadouts (medical supplies, mine detector, flashlight, spray paint)
  • added @ctab compatibility
  • added Eden Editor preview images
  • added functionality to the 3CB BAF Unit Configuration Module
  • removed redundant 3d scope option

Version 3.0.1 (8/8/2015)

hotfix to resolve MP loadout issue

Version 3.0 (6/8/2015)

Fully updated to use the 3CB BAF Equipment and 3CB BAF Weapons mods

  • added @3cb_baf_equipment requirement
  • added @cba_a3 requirement
  • removed @cup requirement
  • removed @stkr_bi requirement
  • removed @asdg_jr requirement
  • removed uniforms/vests/helmets, all now referenced from @3cb_baf_equipment
  • added Point Man unit
  • added Recruit unit
  • added Rifleman AT ILAW unit
  • added Sharpshooter unit
  • added Crewman MTP and RTR units
  • added Helicopter Crew and Medic units
  • added Sniper L82/L115 units
  • added Spotter L85/L129 units
  • added Gunner Static Weapon unit
  • expanded groups to include “Day Patrol” or “Overnight” gear choice
  • increased the number of Sections and Fire Teams to choose from, with a variety of weaponry
  • added Manoeuvre Support Sections
  • added Fire Support Groups
  • added HQ Sections
  • added Sentry groups
  • changed class names of @Alive factions
  • added Editor module (‘3CB BAF Unit Configuration’)

Version 2.1

  • added armour values for @stkr_bi Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests
  • added weights for @stkr_bi Mk7 helmets and Osprey vests
  • slightly increased the carrying capacity of the @stkr_bi Osprey vest
  • adjusted the weight and carrying capacities of the @stkr_bi backpacks (based on… Predator: 45l/2.4kg; ECM/Comms: 40l/2.2kg; Motherlode: 36l/2.0kg)
  • corrected how backpacks work in the Virtual Arsenal (now only empty backpacks are shown)
  • fixed the icon for the ECM/Comms Pack
  • adjusted loadouts for the Engineer/Repair and Explosives Specialists

Version 2.0

  • an update for the Stalker British Infantry mod changing to @cup weapon dependancy from @trixie_britishweapons
  • added a Rifleman Medium AT unit, armed with a Javelin
  • created a backpack for Rifleman AT (Javelin)
  • renamed the class and description for the light Rifleman AT, now armed with an NLAW
  • marksman armed with Stalkers L129A1 DMR (L129A1 not in @cup)
  • created weapon class L110A1 with ACOG scope for MG LMG unit
  • ‘heavy’ Section now contains Rifleman AT (Javelin) rather than NLAW

Version 1.0

  • Public release

Known Issues

  1. This mod uses CBA event handlers, and as such will be incompatible with any other mod which over-writes the default event handlers used by CBA.
  2. Backpacks do not show on Units within the Eden Editor, being added after spawn.
  3. ‘Duplicate Weapon’ warning in RPT log.