User guide

Eden Objects (Zeus Units)

  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce Arctic
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army Arctic
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy Arctic
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce Desert
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army Desert
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy Desert
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce MTP
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army MTP
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy MTP
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce Temperate
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army Temperate
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy Temperate
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce Tropical
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army Tropical
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy Tropical
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, AirForce Woodland
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Army Woodland
  • Objects > Blufor > BAF-3CB, Navy Woodland

Compositions (Groups) follow a similar naming convention.

Eden Systems (Zeus Modules)

  • Systems > 3CB > BAF Unit Configuration

This module allows the customization of the unit loadouts.

The loadout script is executed on the unit’s local machine only.  For players on a MP server, the script is executed on the server before the player takes control of the unit.

IMPORTANT: The module only affects units defined after it in the mission file. If you wish the module to effect all BAF units then the module has to be placed on the map before any units.

The following options are available in the 3CB BAF Unit Configuration module:

  • Customization on spawn: Select ‘Disabled’ to disable all scripted inventory and equipment changes on spawn. Useful for persistent missions loaded from a database.
  • Customization on re-spawn: Select ‘Disabled’ to disable all scripted inventory and equipment changes on re-spawn. Useful for @alive controlled re-spawn
  • Unit randomisation: Select ‘Disabled’ for units to have only default equipment. Can also use the BIS function to disable randomisation and the BIS mission variables.
  • Unit load-outs: Select ‘Disabled’ for units to have an empty inventory. i.e. no items in uniform, vest or backpack.
  • Loadout quantity (%): Select quantity of ammo and medical supplies for units (0-100%). 75% is the default loadout. Can be used to simulate under-equipped units.
  • Add cTab: Add a cTab device to units: 0=None, 1=Command elements get Android devices, 2=Command elements get android and the remainder get MicroDagr devices (when running @cTab only).
  • Limited @ace3 medical supplies: Limit the type of medical supplies for non-medics (when running @ace3 only).
  • Remove night-time equipment: Remove all night-time items during a day-time mission. e.g. chem-lights, flares, NVGs and strobes. A day-time mission is defined as any mission starting between 15 mins before sunrise and 3 hours before sunset.
  • Remove HMNVS: Remove Head Mounted Night Vision Systems from all units.
  • Remove GPS: Remove GPS from all units.
  • Remove Frags: Remove fragmentation grenades (thrown & fired).
  • Replace Magnified Scopes: Replace magnified scopes with simple EoTech reflex sights.

Script writers can catch a custom event to add or remove items from a unit’s loadout inventory following completion of the 3CB loadout scripts.

For example, if executed on the server, the following code will add a RangeFinder to all BAF units:

["UK3CB_BAF_Units_Loadout", { 
   _this spawn {
      private _unit = _this select 0;
      _unit addItemToBackpack "Rangefinder";   
}] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;

Note the weapon safety option, previously available, has been removed as it is client side only and not compatible with the new server side configuration scripts.

@Alive Faction Names

  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_Arctic
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_Arctic
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_Arctic
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_Desert
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_Desert
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_Desert
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_MTP
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_MTP
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_MTP
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_Temperate
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_Temperate
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_Temperate
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_Tropical
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_Tropical
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_Tropical
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Army_Woodland
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Navy_Woodland
  • UK3CB_BAF_Faction_Airforce_Woodland

place as custom factions, currently available as infantry,  motorised and air.