3CB BAF Weapons

Weapons of the British Royal Marine Commandos and other UK Armed Forces.



This pack now contains almost all of the rifles used by the British over the last few decades, including many of the variants produced as the weapons were developed or evolved. There are a number of authentic scopes, customised ammunition, plus many ‘rail’ accessories to complete the picture.

The pack uses a combination of models drawn from various sources including custom designs from 3rd parties who have kindly given their permission, including  Blackpixxel’s AT4,  Da12thmonkey’s RKSL scopes, Kiory’s L85, Stalker’s L129/TA648, Tigg’s L119 and E-Mag, Toadies L1A1, L115, L118 and L110,and Vila’s foregrip, as well as our own in-house mod team. We have added, improved, updated and refined where required, particularly putting in significant effort to configure the weapons accurately using Bohemia Interactive’s latest Marksman DLC update, to include muzzle velocity, inertia simulation and deployable bi-pods. Sounds have received some love too, integration of LAxemann’s new sound framework. And finally our texture artists and animators have been hard at work to present an accurate replica of the visual appearance.

The launchers include:

  • AT4 in standard, and confined space (CS) variants (named ILAW in British service), with High Explosive Dual Purpose or High Penetration warheads
  • NLAW (also known as MBT LAW) short range fire-and-forget anti-tank
  • Javelin medium range fire-and-forget anti-tank

These weapons are fully compatible with @Ace3. The Javelin is completely customised, with a separate Command Launch Unit and Tube which can be assembled, fired and the empty tube discarded. Check the Operational Notes for instructions on use.

The static weapons have been moved from our equipment mod, refined and extended.  Packed into bags carried in the launcher slot, a small team can assemble the tripod and barrel into a formidable static weapon. Be warned though; some of these weapons are extremely heavy and will sap your stamina to carry them any distance.

The L7A2 GPMG static weapon is slightly more versatile, in that once disassembled the GPMG can still be carried and fired as a primary personal weapon, with the tripod packed in a bag and carried on the shoulder. Each of the HMG, GMG and GPMG tripods can be set to Low, Mid or High positions to suit the deployment terrain.

Other additions include blank fire adaptors, blank ammunition including grenades, switchable Laser Light Module, Glock flashlight, HEDP grenade rounds, SUSAT scope zeroing and more.

We thank the original authors who have allowed us to use their models and hope that the ArmA community enjoys using these weapons as much as we do.

Special Features

  • Heat haze from the muzzle
  • Cartridge and link ejection
  • Animated bi-pods (using methods introduced with the Marksman DLC)
  • Realistic inertia, weight and recoil of weapons
  • Ammo / Magazine mass simulation
  • Real life muzzle velocities
  • Dispersion tweaked to replicate real world accuracy
  • Disposable NLAW and ILAW
  • Javelin with separate CLU and Tube, customised missile ballistics
  • Automatic detection of @Ace3 for compatibility



User guide

Change Log and Known Issues

Class names


License and Disclaimer

BIS discussion forum




3 Commando Brigade members:-

  • Principle Developers: Andy, Arka, Apollo, Deltagamer, Eotech, Evrik, Lifetap, Mr.Bagel, Nemiuk, Trixie
  • Support: Alexander, Bishop, Dogbadger, Goodson, Howl, Nick Seafort, Nulljaeger, Serjames
  • Project Management: Lifetap

Very special thanks go to our external content providers for allowing us to modify their work for this pack:-

  • 6th AB: Feedback on L7A2 recoil
  • 16AA: Static weapon animations, L129 magazine, L85 rail covers, practice grenade and black LLM textureBlackpixxel: AT4 launcher model and base config
  • da12thmonkey: Granting permission to include their scopes within our release
  • Kiory: L85 models and inspiration
  • LAxemann: Weapon sounds, shaders and tails  
  • Redders: inspiration on the Javelin model and consultation on other weapons
  • Soldiermann:
  • Stalker: L129 and TA648
  • Tigg: Original L119a1 (M4) model. E-Mag
  • Toadie2K: L1a1 (SLR) model and animation. L110 (M249) model and animation. L115a3 and L118a3 model with animation. AR15 source animation
  • Vilas: foldable foregrip
  • Nemo: L3A1 (https://steamcommunity.com/id/nemoplace/myworkshopfiles/)