3CB Factions

The primary purpose of this mod is to further complement Project Opfor and RHS packs to allow 3CB mission makers, and the wider community, to add extra units, vehicles, and weapons to their missions.



Change Log and Known Issues


License and disclaimer




3 Commando Brigade members:-

  • Principle Developers: Apollo, Evrik, Lifetap
  • Support: Alexander, Andy, Deltagamer, MrBagel, Nemiuk
  • Project Management: Lifetap

Very special thanks go to our external content providers for allowing us to modify their work for this pack:-

  • 16AA (Bravo93 & Soldierman): Original Hilux source files
  • Beppe_Goodoldrebel: 80s NVG open source files
  • BIS: Arma 2 source files, and for creating this excellent game and sandbox for us to play in
  • Chairborne: Original BRDM-2s source files
  • Cinco: Nomex Coveralls source files
  • Diabolical: Original MT-LB source files
  • [Dust]Sabre: Original An-2 source files
  • EddyD & Stiltman: A-10 textures
  • Eggbeast & Jones.S: UH1H Huey source files
  • EvroMalarky: Access to his Takistan_A3 sources
  • Fingolfin: Texture templates and camouflage textures
  • Gachopin: Motorbike physx examples
  • Gossamersolid: CDF reskins
  • GrumpyRhino: Huey Pack source files
  • Gurdy: M93 uniform texture template
  • Kiory: Balaclava sources
  • masa[GOM]: MTLB & T-55 FDF textures
  • Melvin Stubbe: Covered M1 helmet
  • Red Hammer Studios (RHS): For their fantastic work upon which this pack is dependent
  • Reyhard: Original release of arma 2 armour and civilian vehicle source files, plus help and support
  • RichardsD: Original MaxxPro source files
  • Rusty: CDF camouflage
  • SomerenV: KLMK camouflage patterns
  • Spearpoint: Access to source files
  • Stagler: Access to some CWR source files
  • TheEvansCat: Remote Weapon System Vodnik sources
  • Tigg: M16a1, M16 Commando Carbine, M16a2 + M16a2UGL source files
  • Toadie2k (NIArms): M14 variants, M60, FNFALs and RPK, with additional thanks to contributing AK artists. Full list can be found here:
  • Vilas: Willys Jeep and M151 Mutt Jeep source models
  • Zedderzulu: Civilian KamAZ and UAZ reskins