Change Log and Known Issues

Version 1.1 (4/4/2019)

  • Added: Improved texture to UH1H M240s
  • Added: Static Weapon backpacks to units in Eden Editor
  • Added: Workaround AFM to UH1H
  • Fixed: FIA HMG Offroad red texture conflict
  • Fixed: Incorrect Hilux PKM name
  • Fixed: M16 optic proxy position
  • Fixed: MH9 bench and unarmed passenger issue
  • Fixed: Missing T-series firing effects
  • Fixed: Randomization of facegear on units can now be disabled in Eden via unit properties or via 3CB module
  • Fixed: RPK name and incorrect magazine options
  • Fixed: UH1H Armed side door animation. Now correctly hidden
  • Fixed: UH1H Missing Rotor Shadows when at high speed
  • Fixed: V3S Ammo truck having rear FFV turrets
  • Removed: BIS equipment / weapons from T-series tanks inventory
  • Removed: Empty T-34 LOD6

Version 1.0 (4/3/2019)

  • Initial release